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This is a community for people who are struggling and searching.  Life can be fine one day and unstable the next.  Sometimes the people you count on the most let you down or abandon you.  One day you have a good job and financial security; the next day you are homeless and destitute.

But in the midst of all your life storms, there is hope! You may find glimmers of hope here and there through the generosity and compassion of fellow travelers.  But the hope you can count on for all eternity, that pulls you through the darkest night and deepest pit, comes only from one source--your Creator who made you and loves you.

I'm a broken, screwed-up daughter of Eve, but He has redeemed my brokenness and made me beautiful through the light of His love.  I don't have all the answers, but I will share with you some of the lessons God has taught me through many failures and losses, as well as in significant successes and blessings.

I want to learn from your journey too.  Please post on our Message Board or contact me at Click for Email Address

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Praying for you,

Brenda Branson